St. Patrick's Day Party Printables

Free St. Patrick’s Day Printables + DIY Craft Ideas!

St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching and we have some great printables and craft ideas to add a unique touch to your gathering!

Skittle’s Rainbow Candy Treat

St. Patrick's Day Candy Label

Our friend Amy from Atta Girl Amy has an awesome candy printable template to help us get into the spirit! This crafty candy idea will help you make a Skittles rainbow to share with friends, family and to your St. Patrick’s Day party guests. The video below will tell you exactly what you need to make this wonderful treat.

If you are ready to get started creating this St. Patrick’s Day goodie, you can head to and find the perfect size.

Remember to download the free printables created by Amy on her blog.



“Kiss Me I’m Irish” Beer Labels

St. Patrick's Day Guinness Labels

Next, we have some awesome beer labels created by Mad in Crafts. Using the printable they created, dress up your favorite beer (they recommend Guinness to match the festivities). Your guests will love the uniqueness of your creation!

St Patrick's Day Printable Created by Mad In Crafts

Treats to Share With the Whole Class

Classroom goodies for St. Patrick's Day

If you are looking for an easy and fun way to label goodies to give to a whole class, Kelly of Handmade By Kelly tells you exactly how in her latest blog post! Visit her post to get all of the free printables you can use to brighten up your child’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration with their classmates.

St. Patrick's Day Classroom printables

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Online Labels!

Save Inkjet Printer Ink

Maximizing Your Printer’s Ink Efficiency & Save Money

If you are printing often, you are most likely familiar with the woes of expensive ink cartridges. Getting every color you need can easily add up to costing more than a brand new printer. There is no ink that lasts forever, but we would like to help you by giving some tips on how you can make the most out of your cartridges. Save a few bucks by following these quick and easy tips.

Lower the Resolution

Printer Ink Resolution

If your printer is on the highest settings for print quality, it is using a ton of ink printing heavily on your jobs. If lowering the resolution doesn’t affect the end result too much, you can use less ink. Pick a lower quality setting or print as “Draft” or “Fast”. This also helps against smudging that may occur after the job is done since the ink isn’t applied so heavily.

Don’t Trust the Low-Ink Warnings

Depending on the printer, your cartridges can still have plenty of ink left when you get the infamous warning on your computer screen. Never throw out your cartridges when you see this message. Wait until your ink gives signs of being low with light printing jobs and a decrease in overall quality.

Use Grayscale

grayscale black & white printer setting

Many people aren’t aware of this, but if you are printing something in black and white, color ink could still be used. Printing in grayscale allows the printer to print only using the black ink cartridge. This not only saves on color ink, but uses less ink overall during the printing process! Color ink requires a mixture when creating black ink so this drains the cartridge extremely quickly. Just remember to set it back to color when you need to!

Shake it Up!

When cartridges sit idle for a while, ink can clump and get stuck to the walls. When you are running low or feel you haven’t printed in a long time, give the cartridges a quick and firm shake to loosen the ink.

Looking for some more tips on how to save money on your printing jobs? Check out this guide with other useful information on how you can save money on printing.

Funfetti pancake recipe

Funfetti Pancake Recipe & Free Jar Labels

Looking for a cute DIY homemade gift idea?  Give the gift of pancakes!  This post will give everything you need to make Chocolate Chip Funfetti Pancake kits in a jar.  We’ve included an easy to follow recipe and a free printable jar label, designed by our friend Kelly Ladd at Handmade By Kelly. Your friends will love whipping up a warm fluffy batch of delicious gourmet funfetti pancakes.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 quart smooth Mason jars (I purchased these at Target)
  • 2” circle labels (OL5375WX) from
  • 5” x 2.125” rectangle with round edge labels (OL3043WX) from
  • Printer
  • Free printable labels (listed below)
  • Bakers twine for decoration

funfetti pancake mix label


 Horizontal Jar Labelsfunfetti pancake jar labels with recipe

Vertical Jar Labels

Funfetti Pancake Jar Labels

Lid Labels

Funfetti Pancake Jar Lid Labels

Here is the Funfetti Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix recipe. Serves 8.

Dry ingredients:

  • 2 cups of sifted flour
  • 2 Tbsp of sugar
  • 2 Tbsp of baking powder
  • 3/4 tsp of salt
  • 1 cup of chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup of rainbow sprinkles (or more if you like)

Wet ingredients:

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups of milk
  • 4 Tbsp of melted butter

Mix together the wet and dry ingredients. Pour. Brown. Flip. Eat.

It’s that easy!


Establishing Your Brand With Labels!

If sales of your business are picking up, it may be time to think about reinforcing your brand with a logo. Adding logos to your items and packaging is a great way to set your product apart and gain some recognition. It brings professionalism to your company and will keep your business in customers’ minds. Ordering custom boxes can be pretty pricey, however. Luckily, labels can bring the same effect at a much more affordable price. To help you get a clearer vision, we’ve collected a few examples of how our customers brand their products with!

Plum Island Cookie Company

This company does several things to promote brand consistency with their packaging. The brown boxes, purple ribbons, and clear gloss labels all work together to help customers remember Plus Island Cookie Company after making a purchase!



Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox

This image does a great job in displaying logos across different products. They are consistent in their design and the slight variations does not distract from the brand.


North Star Pottery

North Star provides hang tags on each of their products with their logo. It is used to add an authentic handmade feel that matches each of the products they make.


Soak Essentials

Not every logo label has to be the same! Making slight changes in color and style can add a great effect to your product while still maintaining brand recognition.



If you are ready to begin branding your products and packages, check out our full assortment of label sizes. You can also check out our Customer Creations page to see more ways businesses like yours are representing their brands!

Common Item Labels

Customize Popular Supermarket Items With Labels

Personalizing an item for a party or product can be really easy! All it takes is the right label and an item that you can find at most grocery stores. Here are some items you can get, or may already have in your pantry, to spice up and make your own!

Water/Beer/Wine Bottles


Labeling a bottle is a fun way to to add to an event theme. You can often buy three dozen water bottles in bulk for around five dollars. Once you have your bottles, see which label works for your needs.

Sports are always in season so it’s time show your team spirit!  Bring your party to life with custom beer bottles representing your favorite team’s logo! And, if you are looking for the best way to brand your own brew, maybe it’s time to give yourself a story with a custom label.


Labeling a wine bottle is a creative way to add class to a gathering. Online Labels has a size for almost any wine bottle you can find at the market. So, all you have to worry about is making a label and buying your favorite bottle of wine.

Finding the perfect label is easy! We recommend our Weatherproof material to protect against moisture and keep those labels strong in the fridge, freezer, or even ice.

Mason Jars


Mason jars are becoming extremely popular with DIYers. They serve a variety of uses and add a professional, “made-at-home” feel to whatever is inside. These jars can be found at virtually any supermarket. You might even have some in your house right now! Instead of throwing them in the recycle bin, take the recycling into your own hands. Store your homemade products in here and add a label for the finishing touch. From jams, spices, to even candles, there are plenty of ways to add your own personal style to this everyday item. Browse our selection of jar labels and find the perfect fit.




Personalized candies can be a great way to add a little flavor to your next party. A great idea is to buy “Mini” or “Nugget” sized candy bars in bulk bags. For birthday parties, add a thank you message and throw them in your guests’ goodie bags. Or, congratulate the bride and groom on their special day and leave some at each reception table. Don’t like chocolate? You can also wrap up Life Saver rolls or even Tic Tac containers! But, who doesn’t like chocolate? Check out the full selection of candy labels!

Lip Balm

If you are making your own lip balm or giving some out at an event, add labels for some extra flavor. Throwing a party in the winter? Your guests’ dry lips will thank you for the personalized gift! If you don’t know whether to go stick or tube, we’ve got you covered with our full selection of lip balm labels.


See what other common grocery store items you can make your own by visiting our Customer Creations page.  Don’t forget you can upload your creations afterwards and share your awesome ideas!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

5 Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas + Free Printables

If you are anything like us, you see Valentine’s Day as the perfect opportunity to bring out the scissors and printer to do something creative. There are plenty of free printables out there to choose from that will bring flavor to your gifts. Below, you will find five fun templates that you can download or use for inspiration for your Valentine’s project!

Wine and Beer Labels

beer and wine labels

by Soho Sonnet

This may not be one for the kids to bring to school, but these labels are a great gift idea for a friend, significant other, or anyone else close to you (that’s of legal drinking age). You can use regular paper for this project, or use labels to save on glue and time! Check out our full sheet labels that you can print and cut any way you like.

Minecraft Printable for Hershey Mini

Minecraft Candy Labels

by Over the big Moon

It seems like Minecraft is what all the kids talk about these days. These templates are great for your child to give to their friends and classmates. Using a full sheet label with a diagonal backing, you can easily print, cut, and stick. It makes it a bit easier when you have to share with the whole class.

My Heart Pops For YOU

My Heart Pops For You

by Crissy’s Crafts

This adorable design can be used for topping off a mason jar or Ziploc bag filled with homemade or store-bought popcorn. This is another great way to use a full sheet label to save on tape and time if you plan to make a lot of these.

All That & A Bag of Chips

All That And A Bag Of Chips

by My Three Monsters

This printable makes for a quick and easy project that you can make for your kids. You can print this on normal printer paper,  cardstock or adhesive label sheets.

Love You to Pieces

I love your to pieces

by A Pumpkin & A Princess

These Father’s Day printables can easily be turned into a sweet Valentine’s Day gift for any Reese’s lover. Once again using our full label sheets, you can peel and stick onto whichever container you choose to hold the Reese’s Pieces!

Want to see more? You can also check out our full selection of Valentine’s Day templates that can be printed directly onto many of our label sizes!

Valentines Day Teachers Gift Printables Sharpie

Cute Retro Valentine’s Day Teacher Gift Idea

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

It never hurts to butter up the teacher a bit and help restock her ever dwindling supplies. That’s why this cute DIY gift idea is perfect for your little ones’ favorite teacher.   Our pal Keren Dukes from the ultra popular blog Free Pretty Things For You loves to work with vintage graphics and art. Keren purchased a couple variety packs of Sharpie markers and came up with a couple of really cute free printable designs for Valentine’s Day that say “Thank you for making me one sharp kid”.

Click on the images below to download the free printables designs. Each design was made to print perfectly on the 3.5″ x 2.4031″ arched label also known as item #OL544.

 Black Printable Version

Sharpie Teachers Gift With Printable Labels


White Printable Version

Teacher Valentine's Gift Printable Labels for Sharpie Markers

View our full collection of free Valentine’s Day printable label designs.


How To Pick Fonts

How Font Choices Can Change The Story Of Your Product

Every product or brand has a story that surrounds it. One of the ways you can tell that story to your customers is through your font choices. There are no right or wrong answers when choosing a font for your product.

Let’s just say some choices are much, much better than others.

The beauty in it is how it all depends on what your product is meant to represent. To give you some examples, we took a look at how different designers have told their product’s story through their fonts. Check the different fonts and designs below. If you would like to see how you can use a font to tell your product’s story, take a look at this handy guide!

Wine Bottle Table Number Labelswine bottle labels

This wine bottle label uses a great mix of script and print fonts in order to establish a balance between upscale and modern. These bottles are used as center pieces for weddings and their design choices work great for it!






This designer decided to choose a font that matched the personality of their wine. They personalize the bottles in a fun way to give as gifts and their logo font definitely shows that.



Many people want their brands to be synonymous with handmade or old-fashioned. These fonts have that “just how grandma used to do it” feel!

Mason Jar Candle LabelsAuntie's dog cookie kitchen

How about something a little more fun or childlike? Well, there are also plenty of options to get noticed by the young or the young at heart.

Happy bday candle


Candy popcorn

Want to see some other awesome designs from labelers just like you? Be sure to look at our Customer Creations page and get inspired.

Ordered your labels and ready to get designing? Good news! Each label purchase comes with access to our Maestro Label Designer so you can start labeling your product like a pro.


free fridge magnets

Fun, Functioning & Free Refrigerator Magnets

Magnets… We’ve Got Those

Did you know that carries several different materials other than adhesive labels?   This post features our glossy inkjet printable magnetic sheets, but we also carry other unique material like Cardstock Paper, Iron-on Heat Transfer Paper, Integrated Forms.

The very talented Melanie East from It Happens In A Blink  put together a great instructional video about how she made some cute cloud shaped magnet designs for her refrigerator.   These free printable magnet designs are great for organizing your fridge clutter.

Download the designs by clicking on the image below.


Get more organized by learning some simple tricks to organize your laundry room.

Laundry Room Makeover

Simple Tricks To Organize Your Laundry Room

How To Organize Your Laundry Room

The New Year is here and your laundry room is still cluttered, it’s time to take it back!  Angie Holden from The Country Chic Cottage is a real crafty person, so we challenged her to use our 2.625″ x 1″ waterproof labels and some other basic store bought items to whip her laundry space into shape.  Read her full blog post here and see what your can do with a couple of wire baskets, 3M Commander hooks and a few labels.